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Animal Planet: Emergency Vets (Nintendo DS)

Emergency Vets Box Art  Animal Planet: Emergency Vets screenshots 

  • Made in house at Silverbirch Studios (now extinct), during a 6 month contract.
  • A casual vet game for the publisher Activision where the player cares for a variety of animals through 15 different mini-games.
  • Written in C/C++ witihin the Vermillion game engine, by Electron Jump.
  • Commercially Released: Spring 2009.
  • Review Excerpt:
    • He was in love. He, my six year old son, was motivated to complete the tasks in order to move forward. Which, I thought, was a pretty good lesson in the long run. A much better choice of a DS game then so many others on the market. -  Classy Chaos

Three Sisters (Adobe Flash - indie)

Three Sisters Splash Screen  Three Sisters Screenshot 

  • 2010 : T.O. Indie Game Jam, a game made in a weekend, first try of Adobe Flash and ActionScript 2.
  • Co-op puzzle platformer, collect cyan shards, dodge/smite the evil green blobs, oh and switch the mystical switches. 
Three Sisters  - Click Here to Play (with no download!)
  • Controls: 
    • Orange Warrior- w, a, d, space (jump, left, right and swing sword) 
    • Red Acrobat - number pad 8, 4, 6 (jump/double jump, left and right)
  • Goal: Collect the cyan shards to go deeper and uncover the mystery.
  • To Download: right click on Three Sisters and choose "Save as..."

Steam Ponk (Nintendo DS - indie)

Steam Ponk Splash  Steam Ponk Screenshot 

  • 2009: T.O. Indie Game Jam game, i.e. 60 hours to make a game (made in C/C++, with minimal libraries (nds lib & PAlib)
  • Trains on rails, scrolling terrain, dirigibles and other bits of old world charm worked into this classic paddled game.
  • Can you spin the mysterious capsule past forests and lakes to reach beyond your opponents rail lines? 

Flock (Nintendo DS - indie)

flock screenshot showing main game flock screenshot with instructions showing puzzle

  • Flock a casual two dimensional game, with a top down perspective, using collision detection, sprite rotation; multiple backgrounds coded entirely using C, using the DS homebrew libraries of PA_lib & ndslib.

  • The players use the stylus to direct birds to player’s goal, a red star.  The stylus can be used to place four arrows, which redirect the birds.  A.I. opponents also use arrows to redirect birds to their star.  It is a quick game with only three rounds, per game, running at a hectic pace.  The puzzle mode gives the player a set of arrows with the objective of directing all the birds and avoiding all the hazards.

Flock - Download & Instructions:
  • - Simply unzip & run "Flock.bat"
    • Which opens the game in the NO$GBA emulator (included).

Plant Commander (Nintendo DS - indie)

Plant Commander Splash Screen  Plant Commander Screenshot 

  • 2008 : T.O. Indie Game Jam game, weekend game (incomplete), programmed in C.
  • Turn and plant based tactical simulation, send troops of tulips to the front lines, then send in chili peppers to up their firepower. 
  • Reinforce a failing tower with a fresh jolt of mineral water straight from the watering can.

Plant Commander - Download & Instructions:
  • Incomplete - No Download Available.

YarrgH! (Nintendo DS - indie)

ScreenShot of YarrgH! Game YarrgH! Action shot 

  • A game of fast action, involving hitting the falling air pirates with the stylus to score bounty points and protect your ship. The player’s allies, space cats, fly up through the pirate hordes and steal more bounty from the pirate’s airship. It was made at the Toronto Indie Game Developers Jam over the course of a weekend. It was my first ds game, done over a weekend with a comic artist Eric Kim.  While simple in concept, Yarrgh was perfect for a game jam as this simplicity made it easy to pick up and play.

YarrgH! - Download & Instructions:
  • - Simply unzip & run "Yarrgh.bat"
    • Which opens the game in the NO$GBA emulator (included).

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